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We actively provide clothing and shoes for everyone.

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Join us in addressing hunger through food and snacks.

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Introducing Geobena Foundation

At Geobena Foundation, we believe in the power of compassion and collective action to transform lives. We aim to uplift individuals facing developmental and intellectual challenges and marginalized women, children, and people without homes. We are driven by the unwavering commitment to positively impact their journey towards self-dignity and empowerment.

With dedicated volunteers, generous donors, and community support, we strive to address immediate needs and provide comprehensive support to those most in need.

Our Commitment Mission Statement

  • Provide quality care and services for developmentally and intellectually challenged persons to advance their self-dignity.
  • Supply and distribute free clothing, shoes, sanitary items, food, snacks, educational materials to the underserved and deprived women, children and homeless to improve their self-dignity.
  • Support and advocate for their well-being to be back on their feet again to be productive citizens in the community.
About Us

You're Important to UsVision Statement

Our vision is to improve the quality of care for persons with developmental and intellectual disabilities, deprived women, children, and the homeless through community-based services and support to self-actualize.

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